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20-22 MAY 2022


3,000.00 ‎


Discover the most exciting artists based in Athens 

View and buy art from today’s leading and emerging artists. 




1.Call for submissions


1. Each artist must be at least 18 years old at the time they register.


2. A call for submissions aimed at all artists (professionals or amateurs ) based in Athens.


3. Artists must submit their applications before the end of the registration period.


4. Contemporary Athens reserve the right to extend the registration period if the circumstances require it.


5. When your application is complete, we will sent you a confirmation email.



2. Artworks


Artwork accepted :

Contemporary Athens Prize, we will accept 2-D and 3-D artworks.


  • 2-D – Artworks. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking are examples of 2-D work.

  • 3-D – Artworks that occupy space and are intended to be viewed from multiple angles. Sculpture is an example of 3-D artwork 

  • Each artist can submit only one artwork.

  • Artwork may be a single piece or a collection of pieces. In any case, an Artwork is titled and voted on as a single piece.

  • Only original Artwork is eligible for submission. The Artist is responsible to ensure that the Artwork does not infringe on any third party’s proprietary rights.

  • The Artwork must be currently owned by the Artist.


3. Selection of the finalists


1. The finalist artists will be selected at the discretion of the Contemporary Athens.


2. 25 ( twenty five ) candidate artists will be named as finalists by Contemporary Athens to participate in the exhibition at 20-22.05.2022


3. Contemporary Athens reserves the right to increase the number of the finalists’ artists.


4. The selection of finalists will be announced at 13.12.2021.

Contemporary Athens reserve the right to change this date if circumstances require it.


4. Finalists’ exhibition

1. The finalists take part in a group exhibition at the location and on the dates indicated on the website.


2. Each finalist artist must exhibit the work selected by       Contemporary Athens


3. The final choice of the selected artworks and the way it is presented in the group exhibition, will be decided by Contemporary Athens.


4. Finalists Artists must sign a Hosting Agreement with Contemporary Athens in order to participate in the exhibition


5.  The exhibition space will be announced in our website.

5. The Contemporary Athens Prize


Contemporary Athens Prize is a public vote award.


1.The Contemporary Athens Prize is awarded in one of the finalists’ artists by public vote.

2.The prize is 3000€ award and a solo exhibition in  Contemporary Athens Gallery ( leventi 1str. Kolonaki sq. )

3. This is how Public vote works in order to secure the liability of the process.

  • Candidates to win the prize are the shortlisted artists ( finalists artists) who participate in the exhibition.

  • Contemporary Athens Prize is a Public Vote Award

  • Only visitors of the exhibition have the right to vote.

  • At the entrance visitors will receive informations on how to vote.

  • Every visitor can vote only once ( his favorite artwork )

  • The artwork with the most votes will win the prize

  • 20/06/2020 we will announce the winner of the prize.

  • The winner will receive by Contemporary Athens the 3000 € award on September 2022 in a special event

  • The winner in collaboration with ContemporaryAthens will have the opportunity for a solo exhibition in the Contemporary Athens  gallery.


6.Cancellation or postpone

1. Contemporary Athens reserves the right to postpone the  Contemporary Athens Prize if circumstances require it.


2. In the event of an exceptional cancellation following a case of force majeure , Contemporary Athens assumes no responsibility.


3. Contemporary Athens reserves the right to cancel the submission of any artist with no obligation to provide the reason for the cancellation and with no assumption of liability by Contemporary Athens.


7. Acceptance

The artist declares that he or she has read these rules and expressly accepts them in full and without reservation.

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