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'On planet EUTOPIA'
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This show, called “On Planet EUTOPIA”, is scheduled to open on Thursday October 21st, at the Contemporary Athens Fine Art Gallery.

The exhibition consists of three entities:

Α) Two large canvases

Β) A series of canvases on the theme «The Stage is a World»

C) A series of works on paper, called «Days of the Week»


Two Large Canvaces 

Each summer, while in our holiday home at Mati, I produce a large size painting, sometimes a triptych. I do not have the space to do that in our regular home at Kifisia. In this show, two of these works are exhibited.


  • Mythical Landscapes (summer 2017)

This is a triptych 150 Χ 390 cm. The largest composition I have ever made. It consists of three panels.


  • Left: Argonauts - and Heracles cutting off Hydra’s heads.

  • Center: Travelling Temples – A teleferique looking like a temple


  • Right: Sisyphus -  Images inspired by the Mythology


  • On Planet EUTOPIA (summer 2021)

  •  work sized 150 Χ 180 cm., is of an imaginary world in which there is no suffering, nastiness orenmity. Also none of the laws of physics apply.


The Stage is World

Shakespeare once wrote: «The World is a Stage».

This is of course correct but the inverse is also true. The world of this show is much freer and has fewer limitations compared to Shakespeare’s or ours for that matter. In this particular universe there is no time, no gravity or conventionality. Anything might happen!

It is a journey to the land of Eutopia, a planet with no troubles, nastiness or sorrow. The creatures performing on this stage are creatures of imagination, pure phantasy!

We are living through troublesome times and most people are having to cope with a great deal of anxiety, a feeling of  insecurity for their future and concern for all that is happening. It is my hope that these few colourful and cheerful images might contribute to improve our melancholy moods. 


Days of the Week

«Days of the Week» were created mostly during the lockdown period between March and May 2021. These are spontaneous and colourful designs drawn in order to bring some relief from the tensions of that unsettling period when so many things were not under our control.

Each one of these drawings took its name from the day on which it was made. Producing them all together at that time was some kind of daily exercise.

Nine of these drawings have been selected and reproduced in an album published in a limited numbered edition for sale at the gallery. Each of these images is accompanied by the translation of a verse written by the Tamil sage and saint Thiruvalluvar.



Biographic Note

George Tsatsos was born in Athens, went to Greek schools and later graduated as a civil engineer, at the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. For a number of years he was the Managing Director of Heracles General Cement company. He moved with his family to London in 1985, where he was active in the cement and building materials industry in East Europe and internationally.                    

He and his family returned to Greece in 2009. George has been painting for a long time, but his first public show was in London, in 2002, at the Robert Bowman Gallery. He has exhibited in solo shows, in New York, at the Agora Gallery (2003 and 2014), in Paris, at the La Hune – Brenner Gallery (2004) and in Warsaw (2004). In Greece he has held four solo shows: At the Skoufa Gallery (2007 and 2010) and at the Iris Gallery (2011 and 2015). He is exhibiting for the first time at Contemporary Athens Fine Art Gallery.

George has also authored six books that have been published in Greece.

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