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Della Rounick

Della Rounick was born in Neapoli and grew up in Veria to Greek parents who came from Asia Minor to the motherland. From an early age she began her artistic journey with painting. Moreover, after finishing school, she moved to Toulouse, France, where she studied French literature and philosophy.

Shortly after marrying Herbert Rounick in New York, Della took painting courses at the Art Students League, under B. Dorfman and R. P. Dart from 1989 to 1992.


Della Rounick is an international artist based in Athens and Mykonos.

“The Hermafrodites”

“Andromeda and Pleiades” 

“The unbearable emptiness of absence”

“The wandering lover”

“Personal mythology”

Are few of the series of artworks she created, which was highly praised with outstanding reviews.

Her artworks are in private collections worldwide.


A restless girl was anxiously looking for distant and elusive goals. And yet this stubborn daughter of Macedonia through obstacles and ups and downs through calm and turbulent days managed to gain a very rich load of experiences and now with a cosmopolitan physiognomy managed to discover her way in the magical space of artistic creation.


She joined this seductive world and with patience and perseverance found that she has her own symbolic language that constantly shapes her personal plastic antidote, drawing the basic aesthetic rules: form, balance, height and their multiple alternations. Della Rounick managed to incorporate these basic rules of plasticity, in parallel with her own aesthetic codes, into her works and to subtly present her own artistic proposals that transform her personal imaginary landscape into material. Besides, the clear influence of the cultures that she experienced and the special Aegean landscape that she lives, determined the forms and forms of her sculptural compositions that refer to multiple artistic metaphors and interpretations of her individual semiology and her genuine artistic sense.


Mary Michailidou

(Art critic Mary Michailidou, where she worked for a number of years at the Ministries of Presidency and Culture, as well as being a director at the National Gallery of Greece)

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