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Apostolos Chantzaras

Apostolos Chantzaras is well-known in Greece for his specific style. Chantzaras studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts succeeded by studies in Photography and Fresco, as well as painting at University Paris VIII in France. His artworks have been exhibited in various Museums and Art Galleries in Greece and worldwide.


Apostolos Chantzaras develops his own visual world of bold lines, forms and saturated colors, drawing influences from Greek folk shadow theater, ancient Greek sculptures and Byzantine iconography. A rich legacy of symbols related to Greece, the sun, the islands, the sea and the sea world, the cross, the bathers, the riders, all come together in a unique, perceptible artistic amalgam empowered by strong colors and intense movement. Yet the outcome is not verbose. Chantzaras succeeds in transforming it and making it something of his own.

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